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Do you remember the basics of your oral hygiene routines? If not, then you are in luck! Our dental team is happy to remind you of the basics of how to take care of your oral health, so you can have a beautiful and healthy smile each day.

Our dentist, Dr. Jason Rountree, is happy to offer you dental checkups to review your oral health. That is why our team in Kingsburg, California, is excited to share with you reminders on the basics of oral hygiene care.

Foods and drinks can cause plaque and bacteria to stick to your teeth, which creates a host of health problems when neglected. If you don’t care for your teeth and gums correctly, you could suffer from cavities, tooth loss, persistent bad breath, gum disease, and even bone loss. That is why keeping up with your oral hygiene habits is indispensable to your oral health. Brushing is the first step in taking good care of your smile. When you brush your teeth brush for two minutes a day, twice a day for the full advantage. Flossing is the following step to taking care of your oral health and should be done every day because it reaches between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach to remove the plaque and bacteria that are present.

Mouthwash is another tool that can be effective to clear bacteria while coating your teeth with protective ingredients that fight cavities and gum disease. Remember to visit your dentist every six months for a dental checkup. These reviews are vital because it allows your dentist to see if any concerning problems. Your dentist can also stop cavities before they become a serious threat to your oral health.

As you can see, there are many ways you can keep up with your oral health. If you are in need of a dentist for a dental checkup, please call us at 559-897-3322 to make an appointment. Our friendly dental team at Jason Rountree Family Dentistry is happy to assist you and your oral health.