Want a beautiful, even smile? With shade matching technology, our dentist and his dental team can make sure your restorative procedure match your natural enamel, eliminating the worry of mismatched teeth. Dr. Jason Rountree uses tools and software to customize each restorative prosthetic so that our patients are happy with their treatment results. From dental crowns to dental veneers and dental bridges, we make sure that each restoration blends easily with your smile to create an easy and natural-looking effect.

Simple visual matching can vary in accuracy, and even a professional eye does not always provide consistent results. With computerized matching, our dentist can give our patients the great smile they have been looking for. Shade determination helps our dentist to understand not only the shade of the tooth but also the science of color and color matching. With this program, when used alongside digital imaging technology and traditional visual aids, we can better match each smile and procedure.

By using these different tools together, the program can recognize the various color zones along the tooth and determine the best shade for the patient. With this technology, the need for remakes and retreatments due to color correction drastically goes down, and our patients get a better, more accurate smile right away.

To learn more about our computerized shade matching system in Kingsburg, California, contact Jason Rountree Family Dentistry at 559-897-3322. We are here to help you achieve your whiter, more beautiful smile.