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Reviews from Solution Reach

review stars 11-Apr-2019

Your staff was wonderful, as usual. First time I met Taylor. And she was, not surprisingly, excellent. Give them all a raise, Dr. Rountree! — Fred V.

review stars 01-Apr-2019

The office is clean, the staff is kind and the care is excellent! — Alyson Z.

review stars 18-Mar-2019

All staff very professional and amicable. — Belinda S.

review stars 12-Mar-2019

Service was quick and painless — Jim P.

review stars 27-Feb-2019

I have never met a more honestly caring and professional Dentist and his entire staff. From the time the first call is made to schedule an appointment to sitting in the chair and having an as amazing amount of quality work done by the Hygienist, Dental Assistants, and Dr Rountree himself, and then finally back to be rescdualed and kept alert of what my insurance will and will not pay for. I am an Operating Engineer and a Veteran from the Army 82nd Airborne and I'm a man so typically you would think that I would have little to no fear of anything, let alone a dental chair, little needle, drill, or any other thing that's on that little dental tray, but the truth is... all real men have a fear of something and besides God mine is a dentist any anything to do with that office. Lol so if your reading this and now your laughing... I understand because I am too, lol because I had no idea that it was that! And if your not... you understand and your not the only one to go through it. But I can honestly say that going to see Dr Rountree and his staff that they will help ot to subside and mostly from the sincerity, genuine concern for the reality of the phobia or fear. I didnt have to feel less than or ashamed. They also offered medication and or gas to help me to relax if needed and so far non of that is necessary. They also help to educate me on all of the things that needed to be done. The process and why. So that helped considerably too. The process and tools have change alot so it isn't as evasive as it used to be. And what I thought was just a simple small cavity doesn't just go away with time and affect just that one tooth. It affects all of them and my personal health from the infection in my mouth goes to my whole body and my brain and under the right circumstances could be fatal. So my hats off, and all my respect and gratitude to Dr. Rountree and his entire staff... THANK YOU... for not being that other dentist who helped me keep from a healthy and awesome smile!! — Jerry L.

review stars 27-Feb-2019

They are all so kind and helpful. I moved from Kingsburg to Visalia but I plan to keep Dr Jason Rountree for my dentist, they are well worth the drive. — Sheila B.

review stars 05-Feb-2019

Dr. Rountree’s office is welcoming and professional. I look forward to having them service my husband’s and my teeth for as long as we live here! — LaMaya N.

review stars 18-Jan-2019

My entire family loves the dentand the people that surrounds him. They are very accommodating and my 5 yrs old never have an issue with dentist visits. — McKinsey O.

review stars 11-Jan-2019

Dr. Roundtree ans his staff are incredible. They were welcoming, kind, professional and prompt. I felt very comfortable throughout my visit. I have future appointments to have some work done and am looking forward to receiving care from Dr. Roundtree and his staff. — Paula K.

review stars 07-Jan-2019

Dr. Rountree is the best Dentist I've ever had. The office staff is GREAT.***** — Patty B.

review stars 04-Jan-2019

Really like Dr Roundtree and staff. Love Christine, our Hygienist — Pat D.

review stars 22-Dec-2018

Mr first time here and it was a very positive experience! The staff were very friendly and Dr. Rountree explained everything very clearly. I would definitely recommend to others! — Rochelle M.

review stars 21-Dec-2018

Dr. Rountree and his entire staff are always friendly, respectful, and willing to take the time to answer any and all questions regarding procedures and/or insurance coverage. I have never experienced unnecessary discomfort or been kept waiting long. If every practice practice operated like Dr. Rountree's I suspect far less people would have a fear of the dentist! — Amanda B.

review stars 18-Dec-2018

I've been to quite a few dentists in my years but Dr. Roundtree and his staff is the only one that has made me feel comfortable and trust. — Gary P.

review stars 16-Dec-2018

The entire staff is very friendly and welcoming as well as helpfull. They all go out of their way for the patients. It feels really good to see how they all work together. Great job! — Penny C.

review stars 10-Dec-2018

Friendly, helpful staff. Very brief wait, if any. Felt comfortable and relaxed at first visit and each subsequent. — Michelle S.

review stars 10-Dec-2018

Jason and his crew are the best I have ever had! — Kyle R.